Kruger National Park occupies a bigger chunk of South Africa bordering Mozambique and Zimbabwe. it is estimated that it covers about 2.2 million hectares of conserved wildlife on land,  purported to be the size of Israel. Though we are outside the National Park, we will surely take you into the Park for an unforgettable experience. Our experienced guides will take you through the Park on a package of your choice that suits your pocket.

We have a package of four safari products that will leave you begging for more.

For those who want a quick brush with nature:

Three Hour Nature and Game Drive for only R996.00 per person!

Includes entrance fee minimum of four people

Three hours will allow you as our valuable guest to get a quick brush with nature. On this drive you may see diurnal or nocturnal animals in the southern part of the Kruger National Park and if you are fortunate the big five, small five, trees, birds, and reptiles.

Add just one hour to experience part of the North in the Park.

Four Hour Nature and Game Drive for only R1010.00 per person! 

Includes entrance fee minimum of four people

Four just four additional hours, you will be allowed to experience nature in the Northern part of the Park. It will allow you to pick and have a snack at Lower Sabie Restaurant.

If time is in your hand why don't you take our half-day touring package?

Half Day Nature and Game Drive for only R1176.00 per person (includes entrance fee)      

When last did you see birds and herbivores in the open and not by the Zoo? Bring your picnic baskets and have fun surrounded by mother nature. It includes breakfast and an entrance fee.

I realize that half-day may not be enough for your appetite for nature, then a full day tour is just for you.


Full Day Nature and Game Drive for only R1420.00 per person! (includes entrance fee)

This is a combination of the above packages and more. Visit most parts of Kruger National Park. It will allow time to visit the various camps and memorial places. Learn more about the origins of the Park. If you bring enough meat we will surely show how meat is barbecued (controlled open fire braai) in Mzansi.  Non-meat eaters are most welcome on this package as they will also bring their own veggies for something to bite, and it includes breakfast and an entrance fee.

We do not compromise on quality and we ensure that our vehicles are safe, while we go beyond the minimum requirements to ensure that our kings and queens are satisfied with the value of their hard-earned money.

Call now for a quote on a day walk, sunset drive, or night drive!


Negotiate your transfer price with us even before you land on South African soil. We will take you there nomakanjhani(come rain or sunshine).


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