For R900.00 per person, Explore the Swazi Culture and taste their delicacies!

 Includes coffee break and breakfast!

A tiny country with a huge heart, warm and  friendly people are some of the fitting description of Swaziland - a country that, is the only one absolutely ruled by the monarchy system in Africa, embracing its own unique and ancient traditions. These traditions are carefully guarded and faithfully celebrated and are just one aspect that makes the Kingdom such a special place to visit.

This county merits a lot more time than a whistle-stop tour between her borders during a day tour. There is plenty to do and see, of which I will build in my things to do, restaurants and golfing. Swaziland has always been a land of Kings. Since the building of a nation, a line of kings has led the subjects.

The heir to the throne is chosen according to his mother's status and a Queen Mother is selected based on her high rank, by the Royal Council following the King's death. The King is always a "Dlamini" and never intermarries so the Queen Mother is never a Dlamini. The king must be her only son. He is expected to choose wives from various clans to ensure national unity at cultural festival known as the Reed (Umhlanga in Siswati) Dance.

The Reed Dance takes place late in August or early September and is a ceremony that attracts young maidens from all over the Kingdom, providing the opportunity to honour the Queen Mother. Most of the participants are teenagers, although some of the girls are younger. Over 20 000 maidens gather reeds from the selected areas and the day of the Umhlanga begins with bathing and grooming prior to appearing before the King and Queen Mother.
The girls wear short beaded skirts with anklets, bracelets and jewellery and colourful sashes. The Royal princesses wear red feathers in their hair and lead the maidens to perform the dance before the Majesty (Inghonyama).